& documents

On Lebanon

Year in Review 2015

UN Lebanon, 2016

Children Living and Working on the Streets in Lebanon: Profile and Magnitude

A joint report on child labour in Lebanon by UNICEF, ILO, Save the Children and Lebanon’s Ministry of Labour, 2015

Lebanon Crisis Response Plan 2015/2016

An integrated humanitarian and stabilization plan by the government of Lebanon and the UN, 2016

On Syria

Schools Under Attack in Syria

A monitoring report by the Syria Response Education Cluster, 2015


UNHCR Syrian Emergency

Country/response overview

Syria Regional Refugee Response

Inter-agency information sharing portal

Education Cannot Wait

A Fund for Education in Emergencies, by UNICEF, 2016

Middle East and North Africa: Crises in Focus

An OCHA overview of humanitarian needs in the region, 2015

Syria Crisis Education Fact Sheet

Middle East and North Africa out-of-School children initiative, 2016

Education Under Fire

A UNICEF report on how conflict in the Middle East is depriving children of their schooling, 2015


UNICEF Humanitarian Action

Annual results report, 2015

ACAPS Crisis Overview 2015

Humanitarian trends and risks for 2016

State of the World’s Children 2013

UNICEF – Children with disabilities, 2013

State of the World’s Children 2016

UNICEF –A Fair Chance for Every Child, 2016